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Experience the Brilliance of Digital Advertising

The Phoenix AKARAMA Foundation is committed to green efforts and will once again offer digital advertising in 2023. It means your advertisement will be sent throughout the program;

during the pre-show, intermission, post-show and featured online.

We are now accepting Digital Display Advertisements.

$150 per advertisement

Digital Display Advertisement Specifications


All Digital Display Advertisements and payments must be received by

5 p.m., Wednesday, November 29, 2023 for inclusion in this year's program.

There will be no exceptions.


Full color, camera ready, submitted in high resolution JPEG or PNG format ONLY.

Display advertisement is HORIZONTAL (16:9), 10-width x 5.63-heighted

All images not submitted correctly will be REJECTED


All ads should be emailed to or uploaded using the link below. There will be no exceptions.

Brilliance Doll SOLO.png
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