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This year's show will feature the oneSTRUT Runway Entertainment Group. Based in Los Angeles, this group features professional models who share a passion for runway choreography. oneSTRUT is known for breaking down fashion industry standards with curves, shapes and skin tones, not to mention those synchronized movements we love. oneSTRUT is bringing entertainment to the traditional runway and owning it, by creating their own lane as the next big runway entertainment group since Ebony Fashion Fair! 

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Meet the OneStrut Fashion Designers

OneStrut is excited to present fashions from these designers. You are welcome to look them up on social media and follow them as we follow their designs on the runway!

Madeline K. Couture

Tayion Collection (available at Macy's and Men's Warehouse)

Michi Knitwear

Tina Summer Label

Coco Blue Shoes

The Sir Joe Exclusive Collection

Nobody Jones Boutique


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Experience the Transformation of fashion in phoenix

DECEMBER 4, 2021